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Augmented Climbing Wall Interactive Climbing Game System

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What Is It?
Augmented Climbing Wall is an interactive climbing game system. It projects graphics onto a climbing surface, and then tracks your movements as you interact with those graphics. This system allows several training and gaming experiences to be offered.

How Does It Work?

The Augmented Climbing Wall system has several components:

Projector and Enclosure – a commercial, high-power projector is safely protected by our proprietary enclosure. It can be mounted from the ceiling or on a custom pylon.
Body Tracking Sensor – This is where the real magic happens! Our best in class sensor and software follows your every move and can actually tell if you are touching the climbing surface.
Computer – Our software can be remotely accessed for trouble-shooting and for updates.
Touch Screen – This is the interface with the attraction.
Climbing Wall – Our climbing wall is built with a modular steel frame and modular fiberglass climbing panels. The frame is free-standing and does not need to be anchored to your walls or floors. The fiberglass climbing surface has a mark-free finish that will look clean for years. Everything packs into a 4’x6? crate for affordable shipping.
Games & Training

Whack-a-Bat – whack as many bats as possible to score. This is a great game to play with your friends. The bats move, so start climbing!
Climball – a classic take on the 2-player “pong” video game where your body is the paddle.
Sparks – avoid the static and moving elements as you strive to conquer this maze game.
Augmented Problems – short, powerful climbing movements that are linked together are called “problems.” Augmented Problems allows you to create climbing routes that others can follow. Video playback projects your movement on the wall. It can be a learning tool as novice climbers compare their movements to more experienced climbers.
Install Details

Dim lighting conditions – no sunlight on the climbing wall
110v power and ethernet connection
12.5? (3.8m) high
12-16? (3.8-4.8m) wide
8? (2.4m) deep


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